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We believe in the future of the gated dcommunities, which guarantee a different and better living environment. This is the basis of partnership between two leaders in their sectors companies - SMART CONSULTANTS Ltd. and AT ENGENEERING 2000 Ltd.

United by the desire to offer our customers the opportunity to live in a comfortable, well-palanned and up-to-date community, both companies put their trust in the HILL SIDE project. SMART CONSULTANTS Ltd. guarantees the successful marketing, management and maintenance of the community and AT ENGENEERING Ltd. puts its name behind the quality of the construction.



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"SMART CONSULTANTS" is a company that has been challenging the limitations of the real estate sector for more than 12 years. The key lies behind a combination of our extensive experience in construction and investment activities with the most up-to-date forms of marketing and sales of luxurious properties in the country.

The company offers a full range of services such as technical maintenance, administration and maintenance of a property, technical supervision of facilities, maintenance of equipment, administrative services, cleaning services, landscaping and security, among others. This is all that is necessary for taking a raw idea and making it into a modern, functional building, meeting all the requirements of even the most demanding clients. 



Main contractor

"AT ENGINEERING 2000" has been one of the leaders in the Bulgarian construction sector for more than 26 years. Founded in 1991, the company has an extensive portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients. "AT ENGINEERING 2000" offers a wide range of services - research and design, turn-key construction of industrial, administrative and residential buildings, complete reconstruction of buildings, warranty and post-guarantee services. 

The company constantly strives to improve the quality of its services and to comply with the novelties of the sector. The proof of that is the ISO 9001 certification. 




The Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB) offers a full range of banking products and services to individual and corporate clients at competitive process and high level of services. BACB is a modern, high technology institution that meets the ever growing expectations of consumers, and quickly adapts to the changing environment of the market of banking and makes use of all innovations in high technologies that could be of service to the clients. The bank makes every effort to work with small and medium enterprises, taking into consideration their plans for their future development and suggesting modern and flexible solutions.



"Triaksis, Ltd." was established in 2005 by architect Atanas Kovachev and architect Borislav Zagorski. The company has an extensive portfolio consisting of a wide variety of different types of buildings and projects. 

Architect Borislav Zagorskistarts his career as a partner in one of the most successful vocational gated communities in Bulgaria - "Oasis" in Lozenets, on the coast of the Black sea. The community with area of over 70 000 sqm is a unique urbanistic structure, forming a completely autonomous settlement. 

With the current project - gated community HILL SIDE, the team aims to repeat and refine the good practice in the construction of richly landscaped gated communities. The idea is to implement the characteristics of a autonomous settlement structure, which ensures comfort, safety and quiteness. The designer of the public areas, facade compositions and planning decisions aims to achieve modern as well as simple exterior without any compromises with the functionality and comfort. 


Architect Borislav Zagorski

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